About Us
Located in the Dekalb County, AYM is a 501(c)3, not-for- profit organization founded for the purpose of providing a safe, comfortable and structured environment for young girls in 3rd – 12th grades through after-school, weekend and summer programs. AYM is designed to improve the academic success, long-term health conditions and overall educational and career opportunities of young girls within the Atlanta Metro area. AYM is dedicated to providing long-term academic, nutritional, fitness, mentoring, and social services and programs to our participants.

What We Do

Through mentoring, one-on- one education assistance/tutoring, and coaching, our organization is divided into two very specific programs that are designed to positively develop underprivileged and at-risk young girls as they reach specific milestones in their lives. AYM incorporates nutrition based programs, sports training, exercise programs and extracurricular activities, such as art, music, dance, and gymnastics into an environment of learning, developing and empowering young girls within the Atlanta Metro area.

Younger Misses Program

Our Younger Misses Program is designed to capture the attention of young girls while they are at their most impressionable stage in life. The Younger Misses Program pairs our 3rd through 8th grade girls with high school and college mentors who are committed to providing tutoring, guidance and motivation as they enter into their teenage years.

Our Younger Misses will be taught to embrace certain core values that will ensure success as they enter high school. Our girls will go through rights of passages and will be celebrated as they reach developmental and educational milestones. Upon graduating from the eighth grade, our Younger Misses will enter our Junior Misses Program.

Junior Misses Program

Our Junior Misses Program is designed to prepare our older girls for high school graduation and beyond. The Junior Misses Program, which will eventually consist primarily of our graduated Younger Misses, allows our older girls to serve as mentors, tutors and coaches to their younger sisters in the Younger Misses Programs; thereby instilling in them the importance of community involvement and leading by example.

Our Junior Misses will have an opportunity to serve as volunteers through the program and as they reach certain milestones, will have the opportunity to earn scholarships and income by taking roles as Program Managers and AYM interns under the guidance of our full-time staff and professional mentors. In addition to serving as mentors, our Junior Misses will be mentored by professional women throughout the Atlanta Metro area. As they enter and go through the mentoring program, they will be provided with job shadowing and intern opportunities with their mentor and with various companies throughout the area.


Girls Wellness & Life Skills

- Personal Training

- Group fitness classes

- Nutrition workshops

- Financial workshops

- College planning & workshops

- Goal setting workshops

Freedom Ain’t Free Mentoring Program

Teaches young ladies to invest in themselves; emphasizes social responsibility; bridges the gaps between socio-economic and racial lines

Sports Training & College Prep

Our College Connect program is specifically for our Junior Misses and provides year-round college level conditioning and sports specific training, mentoring, tutoring, competition training, college planning & readiness training, life skills workshops and college visits. The program has strict requirements for entry and participation.

Access to Extras

Provides opportunities for young girls to partake in extra-curricular activities they may otherwise not be able to afford. Activities include: sport-specific instruction, dance classes, art classes, music instruction, gymnastic classes, and participation in competitive events.
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Community Involvement

AYM is committed to active community involvement. Throughout the year, our goal is to hold community fundraisers, such as mother/daughter dinners, poetry contests, and community aerobic, fitness and health classes. While the goal of AYM is to support our programs through community sponsored fundraising events and self-generated revenue, we know that without the help of our community, the success of our program would not be possible. Therefore, we would like to sincerely thank all of our volunteers and sponsors. We would also like to encourage everyone, including businesses, to support our programs through your contributions and/or volunteer services.
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